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The Ice Road
An Epic Journey from the Stalinist Labor Camps to Freedom

by Stefan Waydenfeld
Foreword by Norman Davies

In this forgotten chapter of history, 1.5 million Polish citizens—arbitrarily arrested by Stalin as “enemies of the people” following the Soviet invasion of Poland in September 1939—were deported to slave labor camps throughout the most inhospitable forests and steppes of the Soviet Union. The Ice Road is the gripping story of young Stefan Waydenfeld and his family, who were deported by cattle car in 1940 to Kvasha in the frozen wastes of the Russian arctic north. Includes supplemental material and photos to set this spellbinding account in its historical context.

“Within the first paragraphs of The Ice Road, I knew I would be captivated … surprisingly fresh, detailed and intimate.” —The Sunday Times, London

“A thrilling adventure, all the more remarkable for being true.” —Norman Davies

“People don’t have stories like his to tell any more.” —Literary Review

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A Photographic Guide to the Birds of Wintergreen
with an introduction to the area and to other local wildlife

by Marshall Faintich

The Wintergreen area is the 15-mile long Rockfish River Valley and the surrounding mountains in Nelson County, Virginia, located about 30 miles southwest of Charlottesville. This area includes the Wintergreen Resort community, the Rockfish Valley Trail, the Rockfish Gap Hawk Watch, and the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Rockfish Valley Trail is part of the Thomas Jefferson Loop of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail system. Reliable birders have documented more than 200 species of birds in the area, and this 336 page guide has photographs of almost all of them, along with details about when and where to look for them. Marshall Faintich is the official photographer and the senior birding editor for the Rockfish Valley Trail.

“Dr. Faintich’s collection of photos and species occurrence data represents a remarkable addition to our knowledge of the avifauna of Virginia's Blue Ridge and western Piedmont.”— David Spears, Past-President, Virginia Society of Ornithology

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Astronomical Symbols on Ancient and Medieval Coins

by Marshall Faintich

The coins of ancient and medieval Europe provide unique insights into the economic and political history of their period. In a time when few members of the population could read or write, the symbols depicted on coins offered a medium for communication, propaganda, and historical archiving. This work hypothesizes that astronomical symbols on ancient and medieval coins were often used as a way to record actual celestial events. The author provides more than 550 figures and line drawings of coins, maps, and astronomical events to illustrate this hypothesis. In addition, several appendices evaluate the historical accuracy of ancient and medieval coinage and offer additional examples not included in the main volume.

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